Talking about regencies, Cary Grant, and why I’m like a trifle

Bowl of trifle

I am like a trifle


Today I’m over at the blog of the lovely Priscilla Shay, author, and I explain, amongst other things, why I’m like a trifle.

Please drop in and say hello. I’d love to hear what sort of dessert you are!


A book trailer for my regency romance

I had a lot of fun making this video. Whilst I’ve used MovieMaker before, I’ve never tried my hand at making a book trailer before. I’d love some feedback on it–good, bad, or indifferent. Is it too long, too fast, too slow, too … anything? I will update it as I have a cover and release date to include, but I couldn’t wait to get started!

If you’d like to leave feedback but don’t want to hurt my feelings, you may prefer to vote: