Some Like It Haute

If you’ll forgive some blatant self-promotion, I’d like to announce that my short story, Some Like It Haute, is now available.

Too haute for comfort? A stylish gentleman meets his match when he wagers he can make a dowdy spinster the talk of the ton in Regency England.

So goes the blurb. It is one of the launch titles for a new line called Lunchbox Romance, that features tasty morsels of romance designed for a little escapism during your busy day. There’s something for everyone: contemporary, historical, fantasy …

If you like to try before you buy, there are excerpts available at All Romance and Smashwords, but the story is also available direct from the publisher.


One thought on “Some Like It Haute

  1. Thats about how cold it has been here in northern Minnesota too. Today was wamerr, we got above 0 F and it was tropical feeling! A couple days ago the wind chill was -47 F. No good! They closed schools here for the cold too and I was surprised. We sometimes get snow days too, but not as many as when I lived in northern Michigan. I like the cold

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